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How it works


See the concierge for a helmet and lock, Insert your card, grab a bike and go.






When you are finished, return the bicycle back to the station, 24 hrs a day. Its that easy! 






You don’t have to be a hotel guest to hire a Spinway bike, the general public is also welcome.



Renting a bike from one of our stations is very simple.


                Insert your credit card



                Select a time period you wish to rent for, agree to the conditions and then select a bike number. 



                A green light will now be flashing on top of the lock indicating that the bike is ready to be taken. You now have a 30 second window to take the bike 

                after which the light will go out and the lock will re-engage.


Don’t worry if you weren’t able to get the bike in time, just swipe your card again and the lock will re-open for another 30 seconds.



                To withdraw the bike push forward firmly to release the lock (you’ll hear a loud click) and then pull the bike out of the station.



Returning a bike is simply a matter of pushing the bike into the lock until it engages (with another loud click). Then pull the bike back to ensure it is securely attached to the station.


Helmets, locks and lights are all available free of charge with the hire of a Spinway bike. Simply see the concierge or front desk of the hotel and they will be

more than happy to supply you with these. Remember that Australian law requires all bicycle riders to wear a helmet and front and rear lights are required after dark.


For other rules and tips see the FAQ page




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